SMS Gateway for Somaliland Rep of (North Somalia) / XS

Country prefix: +252
Country code: XS

Bulk SMS and transactional MT SMS are available to Somaliland Rep of (North Somalia) using our SMS gateways and multiple APIs are provided for delivery of SMS. Both the SMSCarrier Wholesale SMS Service and HSL SMS Advanced Services SMS Gateway provide suitable APIs that cover both MT and MO SMS.

Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMNs) and Virtual SIM (VSIM) hosting may be available from HSL SMS.

SMSCarrier can be used for bulk SMS to Somaliland Rep of (North Somalia) (XS) with either the SMPP or HTTP API. Messages can normally be delivered in 4 seconds to most networks in Somaliland Rep of (North Somalia). For bulk SMS it's important that your required capacity and throughput is confirmed with HSL Mobile.

Somaliland Rep of (North Somalia) flag


0p / 0 €c
4.5p - 6p

Pricing to Somaliland Rep of (North Somalia) is 0p / 0 €c when using the SMSCarrier service's SMPP API or HTTP API and 4.5p - 6p when using the HSL SMS APIs (SMPP, HTTP, Web Service, SMTP). Volume discounts up to 30% are available using the HSL SMS service. For the SMSCarrier service special pricing for Somaliland Rep of (North Somalia) can be agreed and would be subject to message volumes and features required.

Accounts are available on a prepay or postpay (subject to status) basis. Billing occurs monthly in GBP, however EUR and USD options are available. Pricing for Somaliland Rep of (North Somalia) is normally in GBP but special pricing can be offered in EUR.


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